Friday, February 19, 2010

trout stocking in southern california

Los Angeles Downey Wilderness Park Lake (Map It)
Los Angeles La Mirada Lake (Map It)
Orange Centennial Regional Park lake (Map It)
Orange Laguna Lake (Map It)
Orange Mile Square Regional Park lake (Map It)
Orange Ralph Clark Regional Park lake (Map It)
Orange Tri-City Park lake (Map It)
Orange Yorba Regional Park lake (Map It)
San Diego Cuyamaca Reservoir (Map It)
San Diego Morena Reservoir (Map It)

good luck to the guys fishin, only keep what youre going to eat!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DFG stocking week of 2-07-10

Centennial Regional Park lake  (Map It)
Mile Square Regional Park lake  (Map It)
Ralph Clark Regional Park lake  (Map It)
Tri-City Park lake  (Map It)
Yorba Regional Park lake  (Map It)
San Diego
Cuyamaca Reservoir  (Map It)
San Diego
Morena Reservoir  (Map It)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Laguna Niguel Lake

By the launch ramp, mid day, using yellow corn flavor power bait 15 inches down from my wieght, i caught a 4 pound trout. Fishing was good, pretty crowded, and everyone was fishing. I would recomend Laguna Niguel Lake to those who are wealthy, and those who can afford 20$ for a day pass, no california fishing license required. Theres been many days that i have not caught a single fish there.

Trabuco Creek

Trabuco Creek is a very small, unique creek that gets stocked in winter/spring/early summer months. Not everyone knows about this creek, but it is a great place to get into the forest, by Santa Margarita and Trabuco Canyon. First, realize that in order to get to the good spots, it is recommended to have a car with 4 wheel dirve and high clearence, or do what i do and bike it (good excersize).Use mapquest to get you to Trabuco Creek Rd. Then go on the dirt path in the desert-like area for about 2 1/2 miles. Then, you will start to get in the foresty like area. There will be a sign on the right side of the road if you are going up that says 'Now entering national forest-parking permit is required' or something like that. that means that you have to buy a day parking pass which is only about 5$ for cleveland National Forest. many liquor stores sell the passes. Next, look at the river, find a nice size hole, and start fishing! the DFG stocks this river from the National Forest sign up to the last river crossing, by the Holy Jim fire building. There are also native fish that live in this creek year-round. I go farther up to about the 4 mile mark were concrete dams are. DFG stocks that part the most often, and plus i get the most out of that hole. When i flyfish, i use Parachute Adams #12, and when i use bait i use powerbait, and salmon eggs. In spring/early summer, bring bug repellent to put on your skin, becuase there are many bugs. also, if u go hiking off the road and into the bushes, WATCH OUT FOR SNAKES. i did the mistake of almost getting killed by a raddle snake when i was exploring. dont make that mistake! There are some trash, and to keep this river beautiful, please throw away/ pick up and clean the trash! i always carry a trashbag by my bike when i go up there, and put others trash into it. if you have any questions you know were to ask me!